Wisdom and knowledge

Wisdom and Knowledge

The truth is most people who live in poverty lack wisdom and knowledge when it comes to certain areas of their lives such as management of personal finances, health, relationships, networking and so forth. So what is wisdom and knowledge and why should you desire it? Wisdom and knowledge will carry you a lot further than riches and influence can because it is wisdom that will direct your paths. There are a lot of people who are chasing power, riches, and material wealth, but without wisdom, all they have will crumble. We who are desiring to see our dreams come true should always be reminded that true wealth is found in the simple things such as our health, our family, and our dearest friends. If you lack wisdom, ask for wisdom it and I believe that God will give you wisdom. The only way you will receive it is that you have to be hungry and desire it so much that you will do anything to get it. And that means reading books or find someone who has the kind of success that you are looking for whether it is in marriage, business, managing finances or etc


Let me give you an example of wisdom. Without wisdom and knowledge of how to maintain a proper diet and the benefits thereof, no amount of money can suddenly buy you good health when things go south. You could be dying in the hospital with some of the most prestigious doctors in the world doing their best to keep you alive, but at the end of the day, you will wish you had taken better care of yourself. You can have great wealth but if you distance yourself from your family in pursuit of those things, you will end up alone. No amount of parties and material things on earth can replace your family. Wisdom will show you how to take care of your family, be a better husband, father, son, daughter and friend.

The bottom line is this, there are many people who live life just doing the same thing over and over again. And they have no idea what to do or where to go in order to change or break the cycle. If you are in that place right now, my advice to you is to get on your knees or stand up and begin to shout out loud “God give me wisdom!” I honestly believe that God will direct your path to the right people and show you how you can obtain wisdom for your life. I would start with the Bible. The Book of Proverbs holds so much wisdom for every area of your life such as relationships, personal finances, who you choose for friends, marriage, taking care of the poor, and so on. Wisdom is something that cannot be bought. It is something that you have to want and be humble within your heart in order to receive. There are so many people who have obtained great success throughout their life. They have been through so much in their relationships, businesses, and everyday lives that they have that experience and they are willing to share what they have learned. I know for a fact that there are people out there like that who would love to share their wisdom with you. But are you willing to ask? Are you willing to step out? In all of this, wisdom and knowledge will reveal to you where you lack.

If you are in a position where you are trying to get out of poverty and desiring to get out of the same old routine, seek wisdom and desire knowledge. Find someone that will help you and show you what you can do to change and improve yourself. Do things that others are not willing to do like read books and stop watching TV. If you want practical help getting your finances in order and learning business, click the Books tab in the menu above and order a book. Start with Dave Ramsey’s book. I can honestly tell you, it put me in in my place because I knew without a doubt that I needed to get my finances in order. But don’t stop there, keep pressing on and you will find the answers you need to succeed.


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