Why you can be Successful?


     Among many Christian circles, there are contrary beliefs that having success and money is bad. Well, they can have their opinions. I have come to believe that God wants you to become successful and wealthy but to use money for His purposes. I heard Dave Ramsey say “The poor cannot feed hungry children. The poor cannot build shelters for the homeless. The wealthy can.” Hearing this statement impacted me personally. I think many Christians would love to give a lot of money when it comes to give their tithes and offerings but unfortunately many Christians are bound and crippled by debt. Bad choices of handling finances for their families and themselves have put a serious chain of fear over their home and their minds. We have everything from major credit card debt, Student loan debt, and uncontrollable spending that has put many Christians in financial bondage. I can relate because I know what it feels like when that bill is due and the hard earned money that I worked for is going to someone else. Living pay check to pay check sux! Lets be honest here, when your income is limited and you have a family to support, it plains sucks! Poverty sux!Low Income sucks! and Debt Sucks!
     Now that I have a fresh outlook on finances, I had to learn how does God look at debt and the handling of finances. I needed guidance and wisdom so I came across “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. Let me tell you that this book was God-sent. I needed a harsh reality about me and how I treated money. I didn’t blame anyone else for my poor decisions but myself. At the end of the day it was me. Growing up, my family didn’t know any better. I was always told, “Go to school, get your college degree and get a job. When you get a job, pay your bills and whatever you have left you can spend.” Although that doesn’t really cut because many people go to college and rack up so much student loan debt that they up loosing their minds trying to pay that debt off and they have mouths to feed. Most people end up changing their careers because what they thought would be a good job doesn’t really pay enough.  There are millions of families in the same predicament. So I was determined to do something about it. As I read the book I was learning about what would be the foundations of how I would manage my finances and while I was reading Dave Ramsey would hit on the importance of building wealth.
     So after reading what the Bible says about money and reading Total Money Makeover, I knew that I had to change my ways of managing my finances. One Proverb stands out to me while I was seeking wisdom and that is “The wealth of the rich is their fortress; the poverty of the poor is their calamity.Proverbs 10:15. I once heard a saying and it goes like this, “If you save money, money will save you.” Many people do not have a emergency saving account and when trouble comes to our door, it comes kicking down the door. Most people go and take out a loan or use their credit card and like all people, they end up back in debt. So why am I saying all of this? Why am I am talking about finances first before starting a business? Because if YOU cannot manage your finances now, you will not know what to do when huge lumps of money comes to you. Most people will jump for joy and spend it without seeking wisdom on how to handle it. Trust me, if you can build the discipline and focus on managing your personal income now, and that is being faithful in the little things, you will be ready for bigger financial blessings when they come. In my opinion, this is the 1st step to success. If God can trust you with what you have in your hands then He will give you more and that means MORE RESPONSIBILITY! You can bet on that. Once you have become faithful in this area first and give like your are supposed to, then I honestly believe that God will open the windows of Heaven over you that you cannot contain.
     The moment I got the revelation of this message in my spirit, I had to begin the process of setting up a budget and sticking to it. The hardest part of this process is sticking to the plan. Saving first, giving and budgeting third. Its tough but I am seeing results. Now that I finished Total Money Makeover, I was ready for my next book because I was hungry for wisdom and knowledge.

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