Are You Valuable Or Just Average? 

Do you believe that you are valuable? You need to ask yourself this question and think about it everyday in order to receive what you really want in life. In today’s economy, you are either producing or you’re not. It is as simple as that. Listen, if you have a desire to see your dreams come true, increase your income or accomplish whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, be valuable! If you work for someone and wonder why you’re are only getting paid so much, then evaluate yourself. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I valuable?” Then ask yourself “Am I valuable to the company’s I work for?”


Here is one truth to everything that I have learned over the years. When you are looking for a new job or if you are currently employed, that company needs revenue and in order for that company to thrive they need productive people. Revenue is the #1 factor that keeps all businesses alive and allows them to hire people. Every company needs people who are dedicated to the mission. When they hire people they are looking for people to produce for them and when these people produce they can expand their reach into the marketplace.

Not every job pay a lot of money simply because of many factors. This is life and it is not going to change. You cannot pay 2 different people that same amount in salary such as someone who is managing the company’s finances and someone who is stalking the shelves. There is more skill, education and knowledge involved when managing large sums of money for a large corporation verse a non-skilled job where someone puts items on shelves. Look, the simple rule to getting ahead in life is and always will be to add more value. Do you believe that you are valuable? Then exceed all expectations where ever you are. Then and only then you will excel. If you are good at cutting grass then become great at cutting grass. Remember this that “Good is the Enemy of Great”.

One of the many things that keeps people from their potential is that they only do the minimum. When you think average you get average results. Think BIG and act BIG! Do things that others do not want to do. Where ever you are in your current job, become great at it before you quit. If you have to show up an hour earlier and stay later when everyone goes home then do so. Exceed all that it required of you to do. Here is a challenge for you to do and try doing this for one month. When you produce for a company and there is no doubt about your performance, that organization will definitely feel the pain when you go on vacation or if you decide to move on to a better opportunity. They will look at the production line and know who is performing and who is not because the production will go down. When you decide to look for new opportunities and get a job interview, you will have no doubt about your value. Listen, when you know your value and worth, you will be able to write your own ticket. Let me give you an example, if you work 8 am – 5 pm at your current job but you are learning something on the side that is is needed in the marketplace today and you are helping a small business you are adding value to their business and your community. When you do this long enough and produce results you can approach other businesses and help them as well. Of course in return they will pay you for your services. At this point you are contributing to the marketplace because you have a skill that is needed. You are now valuable! Get it?? Become valuable and you will achieve great things in your life.

Every business that is in the marketplace has become valuable because they are the market to serve. It doesn’t matter whether they are producing a product or offering a service. All businesses are in the service business. Service is your duty and obligation. Once you have discovered how to serve and become valuable then you will have success. But you have to go above and beyond in your obligation. Don’t just do the minimum. When you change how you think then you will become all that you are created to be.

Write down some things that you definitely understand and how can become great at it. When someone wants your service then you need to PRODUCE for them. Money is the exchange of value. When another company gives you their money they will EXPECT results. You need produce get great results and not just boring average results that will have the other person regret hiring you. Remember this one truth, add value and you will succeed.
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