The Power of Determination

It is an interesting thing to tap into the power of determination. What causes determination in people? At what age does an individual discover his or her talents and become so determined to overcome any opposition needed to get what he or she desires. What turns on, or clicks, internally in a human being that causes them to believe that they possess the ability to have anything they want if they put their mind to it? Is it a fresh spoken word from a dear friend, a business leader, a Pastor, or someone who is in a position of higher authority? It is different for everyone. But for me it was a dear friend. It wasn’t so much that she was speaking to me directly but she was sharing with me that she was on a path to personal development and success, and deep down inside, I had been crying out for the same thing in my life. In that moment there was a connection. A connection that is undeniable.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that conversation would change me deep down inside and I soon found myself desiring to radically change how I did things day to day. Up until this point I had heard sermons and motivational speeches on the subject of personal change and success and little had changed, but this particular conversation was a moment that was appointed in time especially for me. When I was young I wanted to do something with music because growing up touring the world looked enticing and fun. As time passed, while in the Navy, that idea started to lose its attractiveness to me so then I wanted to go to school and do something in multimedia because that also looked attractive. I thought it would bring me a sense of satisfaction and joy but it didn’t.

Everyone has talents and gifts that God has given to them from before the foundations of the earth. Gifts that we can profit from and use to benefit our families and our communities. Gifts and talents that we can use to build wealth and change our family tree! Leave an inheritance to your children so they will not feel the burden of debt. So what traits will get you through this personal journey to success? The one trait that can allow you to obtain any success that you desire is determination. Without this trait, you will accept any defeat that comes your way. Re-examine yourself and look deep down inside to see if whatever it is that you really desire is backed with determination. Any successful military operation that has collected solid information, whether it is intelligence or otherwise, will send in a team of individuals to accomplish a specific mission based on the information recieved. If that team is a special operations team, such as a Seal Team or Green Beret Team, they only have one objective and that is to accomplish the mission set before them and then come home. One of the traits they possess is determination. These men train, train, and train so much that defeat is not in their vocabulary. They do not know such words because their lives are on the line. Determination is something that you have to build within you. When things come crashing down on you and you begin to hear “You are done!”, you sound right off, “I am not done! I will come through!” That is DETERMINATION!

Although I have been involved in multimedia for several years now, it doesn’t bring a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction to me. I know I am not operating to my fullest potential nor within the gifts through which I am strongest. For years, I never realized what gifts I had, and It has only been in the last few months that people have been calling them out in me. It is a natural thing to see talents within others, but it’s difficult to see your own talents. Keep an open ear to your dearest friends and ask them, “What is it that I am really good at?” If they are honest friends, they will let you know. Once that gift and talent is identified, cherish it and begin at once to nurture it with care. That gift and talent could be your strongest asset. When you discover what that asset is, then you will begin to discover the sense of determination growing within you as you see the potential toward success within that asset. You will begin to use this asset, that is in your possession, to help others and accumulate great wealth.

So how can you build determination? For me personally, I love reading and listening to successful people sharing their stories of how they have achieved great success. Stories of financial sccess, success in achieving goals, and even success for soldiers in battle and wartime. I love history and learning about the lives of the people that built America and their great inventions. Without the attitude of determination, you will not succeed in reaching anything that you are after. If the forefathers of America had not been determined to be free from England, America would have been subjected to the autocratic society of King George III. If Henry Ford had not been determined to build the first automobile, then someone else would have come along and achieved it in his place. If Thomas A Edison had not been determined to invent the first incandescent light bulb, then we wouldn’t have the product that we all use to light out homes. Withoutdetermination Jesus Christ would not have gone through the torture of the Roman cat-of-nine-tails and then go on to endure the cross shortly after. In Hebrews 12:2 we read, “For the joy set before him he endured the cross…”.  You can build determination within yourself by surrounding yourself with people who already have the attitude of determination. Find men and women who are successful and who are determined to go above and beyond the the status quo. When you surround yourself with these kinds of people, you will find yourself growing in the area of determination and you will discover that you have the ability to succeed in life just like everyone else who has gone before you with determination for success.

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