The Power of Desire

What is your desire in life? What is going to keep you going when tough times come at you? Napoleon Hill describes a “White Hot Desire” throughout the 1st chapter of his book, Think and Grow Rich. Why? Because at that time, Andrew Carnegie was manufacturing steel and to create steel, the fire needs to be really hot. The hottest part of the fire is the “White” part. When we begin to examine ourselves we must start with our desire. When we do so, we begin to focus our energy and will power on achieving a goal. What is it that you really want in life? What will bring you a sense of joy and fulfillment? The element that you will need to help fuel your fire is DESIRE. No matter what happens in life, no matter what kind of defeat that you will face, desire will keep you going. I once heard a statement that changed my outlook on success and that is; “What is the opposite of success? What is the first word that comes to mind?” Most people will say “failure” is the opposite of success. That’s wrong. The correct response is “Quitting”. When you quit, you’re giving up; you’re giving in to the pressure and accepting defeat.
Let me give you a illustration of desire that will fuel you while trying to succeed in life. In 2010, I was enlisted in the Navy Reserve and I decided to do something worth while with my time so I began to look into the NSW program. The NSW program is how the Navy trains and equips future Navy SEALs and SWCC personnel to do dangerous jobs all over the world. So immediately I began to do all the research I could in order to better prepare myself for this new venture that I wanted to take. I would look at footage, read books and everything I could find on becoming a Special Warfare Operator. I was primarily going for the SWCC program. In order to get in you have to pass the PST (Physical Screening Test). I began to examine myself; where I was weak when it came to physical training. I knew that I had to run faster, do more push ups, more sit ups, pull ups, and swimming. Swimming was something that I knew I was not good at. So I began looking at videos on Youtube and visited a lap pool where I began to apply those techniques. Desire was one element that fueled me to become a future SWCC operator. I was in the gym everyday, trying to improve myself for the PST. At some points I was accomplishing 200 push ups a day, 40 pull ups and 90 sit ups in 2 minutes. When I got home from work, I would change my clothes and begin a 4.4 mile run everyday. I was running almost 30 miles a week and then I ran 8.9 miles one night right before I ran my first half marathon in 2011. What caused me to become successful at my training? Desire! When I came into some knee pain, I did research on my knee pain and did whatever I could to fix it. I bought vitamins to help me achieve my goal of becoming SWCC. After I graduated with my bachelors degree in 2013, I took the practice PST with a SEAL Chief and did pretty good my first time around. I remember swimming a 500 yard test in 10:01, my pull ups were 12, Push ups were 75, Sits up 75, and my run was 11:47. I went back a few times on Fridays to meet with the SEAL Mentors but after carefully thinking about my wife and children, I knew that becoming SWCC wouldn’t be a good path for me.
But looking back, and after reading Think and Grow Rich, I have come to the conclusion that DESIRE was the coal in my oven that kept me going. Without any desire within you, you will not get very far. If you are trying to translate whatever you want into finances, you need desire. So how can you and I increase our income so that we can pay off debts, build wealth and change our family tree? Ask yourself this question, “How can I profit from my talents?” A great starting point for your new venture into creating money is actions that are listed in chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich
  • First – Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. Be definite. For example.  I want $2400 outside my normal income.
  • Second – Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. For example, create a business or product.
  • Third – Establish a date when you intend to posses the money you want.
  • Fourth – Create definite plans for carrying out your desire, whether you believe you are ready or not.
  • Fifth – Write out a clear, concise statement of the money you intend to acquire.
  • Sixth – Read your statement out loud twice daily. When you wake up and when you go to bed.
If we truly want money, we have to desire it almost as an obsession. We have to desire to become a better person, a person that becomes valuable to a company. In other words, are you bringing value to where you are at.

Do not have a entitlement mentality and begin to think “What can they offer me?” If you think this way you cannot bring any value to the company and you will only be worth minimum wage. Think long term and not short term. Begin to think in ways of “How can I gain experience right where you are? ” Always remember, you are at the right place at the right time!” Your current position is not forever so be the best right where you are. Let your DESIRE be the driving force and teacher behind the work that you do. And allow desire to get the creative wheels spinning within your mind to create a better life for you.

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