How do you stay focused on your hopes and dreams? There are so many things that we all go through in life that tends to bring us down. The most common is a family member, a negative boss, supervisors, negative co-workers, financial hard times, starting a business that is not taking off, marriage problems, relationships and etc. We can sit down right now and list all the things that come at the wrong time but that is not what this post is about. Today we are talking about staying focused.
To often we let those things get within our skin and yes they can be a burden. Trust me. I have had my share. Have you ever left work arguing with someone in your mind? I have. The same can go with your spouse or friend. You know what I mean. Yet during this entire time you have goals that you want to accomplish and you want to prosper and live life to its fullest. You want more out of life you currently have and when you begin on your own personal journey and things begin to some what take off, boom here comes someone’s famous speech about success and yet they have nothing to show. When something happens to you that takes your mind off your goal, all of a sudden you’re not focused anymore. We begin to get distracted and that is an indicator that its time for you to set your priorities straight. I want to talk about staying focused and being persistent. It’s time to become a lion, a shark if you will and kill anything that tries to come your way.


Keeping your eye on the prize can be tough and it is never easy. Especially when quitting seems easier and most people who make their choice of quitting always always regrets it. Your coveted goal can be anything. For the longest time I have desired to do something fulfilling in life because I want more. Many of you know that I have read Think and Grow Rich about a year ago which I highly recommend by the way, and that book literally changed my life. I began to think differently about the possibilities of success and what I can accomplish. And let be honest here for just a second, we all dream of having some kind of success. It can be anything from music success or leaving an inheritance to your kids. I think most of us want a good career or having your business grow but the honest truth is God has a plan for you and for me and it’s not poverty. I do not know anyone who dreams of living pay check to pay check and barely making it in life. Most people dream about traveling and while some are living their dream and traveling all over the world. So how do you stay focused and have a steadfast mind on the things that you want to accomplish in life? I can’t tell you others do but I can tell you what I do. Almost everyday I listen to something that will remind me that success is what you put in it. Success is not over night or get rich quick program. Success is hard work and it is also a discipline. You have to develop a discipline, a muscle that you will do what ever it takes to get what you want in life. Quitting is easy. Like I said before most people who do, always always regrets their decision.
Don’t live life in regret, instead live life moving forward. You have to take a hard look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself “I am going to make it today because my wife and kids are watching.” You have to begin to think differently about yourself, your future and how others see you.

Refuse to be burned out and become a beast!

Staying Focused

Become obsessed with your passion and hate being average. The people who hate their lives right now who live in poverty are living an average life. They have do direction. Get Direction! Come on man, you need to be fired up about life. I refuse to be burned out. I know that with all my heart that I will make it. When you begin to think like this, you will begin to move in areas that others will see as weird. When you do things that others see weird who cares what they say about you when you are moving ahead. When I was telling everyone that I was waking up at 4 am, to read books and work on me, people looked at me like I was crazy. You should have seen the faces that they were making. It was awesome. I had moved into new territory and I knew something was going to change this year of 2016.

Staying Focused

Time to make a decision

It is time to do what ever it takes to become successful. Having a mind that is focused is better than a mind that is not focused. Look at the end of the day you need to stay focused. Forget about the nay sayers and become obsessed with your future, your destiny and what others will say when you make it.

Staying Focused

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