My Story

Where It Began

I have come to a conclusion in my own life that I was sick and tired of being broke. I felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied where I was professionally and personally. I needed to change and I needed to do it right then. With $60,000 of student loan debt that I had from college because the Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) didn’t cover my school at that time (2007-2008), I was overwhelmed. I was stressed out and I hated that I had no plan nor I had anyone come to me and explain to me how to manage my finances. I had come a pivotal moment in my life where I had to make a decision for not only myself but my family. Questions came to my mind such as “What do I really want to do in life? How can I make money to pay off all my debts and save for my future? Can I really become a businessman? How and Where do I begin?” All these questions filled my mind with doubt and discouragement. After evaluating my situation, I made up in my mind that I was going to succeed in this life and I was not going to give up.


USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 Commissioning Ceremony July 2003 with my Mom

At that moment, I began to look back at all the accomplishments I had done when I was in the Navy. I was 20 years old and I was taking a leap of faith into the world. The only thing that I knew then was I had to change. Before I left I looked around at my situation and all my friends were still doing the same thing not really going anywhere with their lives. So I decided to join the Navy and leave. Just like back then, I needed that same inspiration to change right now where I am.


Thank you for visiting my website! I am here to share with you how you can achieve success. In order for you to truly succeed, you need to get the poverty thoughts that plague your mind out and you will go further than anyone around you.