How to Achieve the American Dream in 2016

Is it possible to achieve the American Dream in 2016? The answer is an outstanding YES! You can achieve great success today with hard work and effort. But what is the “Hard Work” every successful entrepreneur talks about? Let me help you understand what this term really means because many of you may think, it means doing “physical labor”. It is not. The term “hard work” means, “Staying up late, Learning how to sell yourself and your product or service, Waking up early to work on your website, creating or making a marketing strategy and executing it, reading books, meeting new people, etc.” Do you understand now?
Grant Cardone
For many people born and raised in America, we have this belief that success only belongs to certain peoples and or groups in our society. This is complete nonsense. The American Dream is alive and well in 2016. I want to remind you that with commitment and determination you can achieve greatness in your life for you and your family. So why should you read this if you already know. I want to remind you because many people around you don’t believe that it is possible. They don’t believe that you or anyone else is capable of reaching new heights or levels in their life. They think that where they are in life is because of other people, the government or because of their ethnicity. That is completely false! Two weeks ago, I wrote about commitment. You have to start somewhere. So start by making a decision in your life right now. Do you want to become rich or stay poor? The answer is easy. It is either Yes or No. If your commitment is to get rich and achieve the American Dream then you must commit. Next you must decide what you are going to do in order to sell a service or product. Look at your talents and gifts and see how you can actually make money. Write down how you are going to pitch you and your idea. Let me give you a tip. Selling is one of the many skills that you need to learn in order to achieve the kind of success you want. If you cannot grab the attention of your prospect in 1 minute then they will forget you and move onto someone else. One of the many products that I highly recommend is Grant Cardone’s book Sell Or Be Sold. Personally I bought 3 of his audiobooks and I like hearing them when I drive to work or going somewhere. Here is another hint, I also listen to them when I water my grass in the evenings. The information in Sell of Be Sold will help you understand what actually is selling and how to sell yourself and or whatever it is you are bringing to the marketplace. What I personally love about the book is how Grant Cardone breaks down the process of how to sell correctly and what to avoid when trying to sell to a potential client or customer. Think about this for a second. If large corporations cannot sell their products or services to the general public, then their doors close and jobs are lost. Selling is vital in business because if no one buys your service or products then you can’t pay your bills and you and your family go hungry.



The American Dream is only possible through the method called selling. So how can you become great at selling and achieve the American Dream? First of all, do you have a great personality? Are you good with getting a conversation going with people you know or random strangers? In my opinion, if you have some of these traits then you are on a good path. The next thing you need to do is learn how to close and I mean close a deal with a contract. You want to prepare yourself for any conversation that you will have with a potential client. The American Dream is possible only when you know how to handle every objection or every response when someone says “Your service is to much and I can’t afford it.” Being prepared for any objection that the other person may have will increase your success rate in the negotiating process. It has been said that “Money makes the world go round.” That is not true. Until you have the exchanged value for value and you close the deal where the other person gives their money in exchange for your service, that is when the world goes round. You see you have to see yourself as valuable. If you don’t believe that your services or products are superior to your competitors, then the American Dream is far from you. What are you going to do?
 The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
I want you to see yourself so valuable that you are going to dominate the marketplace. If you want to get out of poverty and create real wealth, you have do what ever it takes to become a better salesman or saleswoman. Start by writing down your pitch on paper and practice by timing yourself. Let me give you an example, when you go into an interview, are you prepared? Are you ready for the questions that you are about to get asked? One of the very first questions that the interviewer may say is “Tell me about yourself.” Have you ever been told this? I know I have. When the interviewer asks this question, they are not looking for responses of “I was born and raised in…, I am 20 years old, My mommy and daddy are…” Stay away from saying any of that stuff. They want to know why are you there, are you someone that produces, are you hardworking and are you on time? For any company, the #1 thing on their mind is revenue. They need people to increase their revenue. Can you sell yourself as someone who can help solve that problem?
 Grant Cardone
You see businesses are looking for people who will produce for them. You have to produce and produce as such a high level that you are irreplaceable. When it comes to your American Dream, you have to produce at high levels so that you can gain more revenue and become valuable in the marketplace. Are you a producer? Can you constantly produce great results on a continual basis for you and your family? If so then you will need to learn how to become a great sales person. The American Dream is possible in 2016 but only if you willing to put in the hard work in and put in the hours to do so. My suggestion is to either wake up 2 hours before everyone wakes up or stay up later as everyone is in bed. Personally, I wake up around 4 am. This time allows me to focus on me and my goals for the day without any distractions from my kids or my wife. You can read my blog post about Habits that can change you here. I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember, it is very possible that you can achieve the American Dream in 2016. Do not and I repeat do not become dependent on your day job to produce wealth for you and your future. Do something on the side that will produce extra income. Create that business you always wanted to do. Learn how to sell and get your mind right. In order for you to get that million dollar reward, you have to think like a millionaire and stop thinking poor thoughts.
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