The Best Investment You Can Make in 2017

The Best Investment You Can Make in 2017

As you know, I have a huge admiration for reading books. For the past year and a half, I have been reading books on history, finances, business, and entrepnurenual success. What does it take to make a lot of money? My whole basis for seeking money is not for money sake but for freedom. Free to do anything that I want to do. The freedom of choice. To give back like never before. To not worry about how to pay my bills. You get my drift? So going back to my original statement, how do you invest to where you are financially free? Its right here. You must invest in yourself. That’s it. Easy. Done. Simple. Period. You must be asking yourself, “Are you serious Alex?” I will reply, “Yes.” I am talking about learning new skills that the marketplace is seeking. Always learning is your investment.

Why would I give you advice to invest in yourself? Because you are worth more than you think. What lies between your ears is the most valuable asset on earth. If you invest in yourself in one thing such as learning how to sell, book keeping, leadership skills, communication skills or whatever it may be and that one thing is something you love/understand you will begin to see things what others will fail to see. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki says, “If it (your mind) is trained well, it can create enormous wealth seemingly instantaneously. An untrained mind can also create extreme poverty that can crush a family for generations.” There is a pattern among the wealthy and that is the power of your mind. The Bible is very admitted about renewing your mind. Jesus Christ taught very heavy about what you think and how strongly you believe in what you are asking for it will come to pass. Not getting off topic, but what you put in your mind can either make you or break you.

Why learn how to sale?

Every successful entrepreneur you will ever read about in history will tell you that sales is a very important skill to learn. At the end of the day, if a company or business that cannot sell its service or products it will not stay open long. Lets be honest, sales is not easy. Why? Because in sales, the ingredients to succeed include business skills, communication skills, social skills and the ability to close deals. Just because you are a salesman doesn’t mean that you possess all the skills needed to succeed in a high competitive market. Coming full circle on investing in yourself, I highly suggest that you invest in learning how to sale yourself and your product or service. Today, most people know that if you want real money you better learn how to sale. One of the best investments that I made in 2016 was in Cardone University. The reason why I paid for this is to teach myself how to sale. Personally, I knew that sales is where I wanted to be. There is more money to be made in sales anyways. Many of you out there reading this have good people skills but you have no idea how to close deals. It is only when you close on a deal and see a transaction take place is where the sale take place. It is where someone exchanges their money for your product/service. You can think that good people skills are good but if you cannot convince the other person to meet you and pay for your service or product you will get nothing. I highly suggest that you get Cardone University and learn the sales process. Learn how to sale and you will be on your way to true and lasting success.

In conclusion, the best investment you can make in 2017 is in yourself. Don’t focus on earning more but rather than learning. When you skill up, you will earn more. When you learn you know, without proper understanding and knowing how to handle a situation you will be out of the game. I am learning so much as I am in sales. Everyday, I approach my manager and ask him questions. I get frustrated when someone cancels on me or reschedules on me but its part of the game. I hope I can be somewhat of a beacon of light for many of you. Keep the faith, learn and grow!

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